Used Car Tyre Shredder Machine for Rubber Powder Recycle

Used Car Tyre Shredder Machine for Rubber Powder Recycle

utilised auto tyre shredEPTEPT for rubber powEPTrecycle

The biaXiHu (West Lake) shredEPTshear shredEPTknown by shearing, tearing and urgent the materials to accomplish decreased measurement, which is mainly used for EPT EPT shredder, tires, movies, bags, and other plastic waste nets Of the damaged recycling.
With twin-aXiHu (West Lake) Dis.s unbiased drive, special knife shaft framework and 4-angle rotary instrument, in the low-velocity substantial-torque manufacturing method, there will be no winding aXiHu (West Lake) Dis.s, or stuck equipment phenomenon, therefore bettering the production effectiveness.

1. Plastic: big head content, engineering plastics, paint barrels, glass
two. Appliances: Television sets, monitors, microwave ovens, dishwashers and other small and medium-sized residence appliances shell, electrical gear
3. Electronic products: pc host shell, challenging travel, CD-ROM, battery shell
four. Pipe: PVC, PE, PP and other pipe, city drinking water supply pipe, drain pipe
five. Wood: logs, pallets. Wooden chop board, piece of home furniture
six. Rubber: squander automobile tires, conveyor belt
seven. Metal: metallic sheet these kinds of as copper, aluminum or iron, aluminum castings and crush blocks, motorcycles, auto engine housings, oil filters
8. Worn clothing and so on.


Knife Size (mm)
EPT(kw) Capability(T/H) Knife
EPT kind EPT Dimensions
DY-400 Phi200 times20 five.5 times2 .two-.3 twenty ZQ250 times2 one.nine times0.6 times1.5 1.5
Phi200 times20 eleven times2 .3-.5 thirty ZQ 350 times2 2.6 times1 times2.1 2
Phi220 times20 eleven times2 .four-one thirty ZQ 350 times2 two.six times2.1 2.two
Phi300 times20 fifteen times2 .8-one.2 40 ZQ 400 times2 3 times1.two times2.2 three
Phi300 times30 eighteen.five times2 1-one.five 26 ZQ 400 times2 3 times1.two times2.two 3.5
Phi300 times40 22 times2 one.5-two 20 ZQ five hundred times2 three times1.two times2.two 5
DY-a thousand
Phi300 times30 thirty times2 1.five-two 20 ZQ four hundred times2 3.4 times1.twenty five times2.2 six
Phi300 times40 37 times2 1.eight-two.five 24 ZQ 500 times2 3.4 times1.25 times2.2 6.three
Phi400 times40 37 times2 2-2.5 24 ZQ 500 times2 three.four times1.twenty five times2.2 six.5
Phi300 times40 forty five times2 two.5-three 30 ZQ 650 times2 3.8 times1.25 times2.two 8
Phi400 times40 45 times2 2.8-three.3 30 ZQ 650 times2 3.8 times1.twenty five times2.two 8.five
Phi500 times40 fifty five times2 3-three.5 thirty ZQ 650 times2 3.eight times1.25 times2.two 9
Phi300 times30 55 times2 three.8-4.five fifty ZQ 750 times2 four.4 times1.five times2.five eleven
Phi400 times40 55 times2 four-five 36 ZQ 750 times2 four.four times1.5 times2.five twelve
Phi500 times50 seventy five times2 four.five-five.five 30 ZQ 750 times2 4.four times1.five times2.five 14
Phi500 times50 75 times2 five-six thirty ZQ 750 times2 four.four times1.five times2.five sixteen
Phi400 times40 90 times2 six-7 forty five ZSY355*2 5.three times2.8 seventeen
Phi550 times50 90 times2 7.5-8.five 36 ZSY four hundred*2 5.3 times2.1 times2.eight eighteen
Phi600 times60 90 times2 9-10 30 ZSY 400*2 five.3 times2.8 19
Phi550 times50 a hundred and ten times2 10-13 40 ZSY 400*two 6 times2.2 times3.5 22
Phi600 times60 110 times2 twelve-16 32 ZSY 450*2 6 times2.2 times3.five 23
Phi650 times60 one hundred ten times2 15-20 32 ZSY 450*2 6 times2.2 times3.5 25

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Our Solutions

one.Pre-sale companies: enthusiasm, patient

Offer you the correct prepare, method stream design and maker equipment according to your EPT need.
2.Sale solutions: servant

Send out professionals to the job internet site for XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. the set up and adjustment, instruction operators and ending the check out and take collectively with you.
three.Soon after-sale solutions: faithfulness

To build EPT term romantic relationship with you, we will regularly spend return go to to clients.


one, Where is your factory ?

Our manufacturing unit is positioned in HangZhou.
2, How EPT is your soon after-sales provider ?

We supply 18 months quality promise from the day of shipping.
Welcome to make contact with us if you have any queries.

three, How EPT will just take it to provide ?

Typically within 15 doing work daEPTafter getting the deposit.

four, What is the Method of transportation ?

LCL and FCL by ship.

5, What is actually the payment conditions ?

T/T, western union, Alibaba Trade Assurance, L/C and many others.

Used Car Tyre Shredder Machine for Rubber Powder Recycle

Used Car Tyre Shredder Machine for Rubber Powder Recycle