Rubber Powder Line Waste Tire Recycling Line Machine

Rubber Powder Line Waste Tire Recycling Line Machine

Rubber PowEPTLine Squander tire recycling EPT

IRE POWEPT Manufacturing LINE, AS Subsequent:



To conveyor the rubber block into crusher.

one-motor EPT: two.2kw

two-The width of belt: 550mm

3-pace: 40m/min


Rubber crusher

Application: It is the primary equipment to procedure metal wire tires and fiber tires, it can directly treat rubber stripes,

rubber blocks, shoe soles and leftover scraps into rubber EPT with various Mesh.

1-Diameter of entrance roll: 560mm(sleek roller)

2-Diameter of back roll: 560mm(groove roller)

3-Doing work length: 800(mm)

4-Linear speed of entrance roll: 25.56(m/min)

5-Ratio: 1:one.38

six-MAX hole: 15(mm)

7-The substance of rollers: Alloy chilled solid iron

eight-Generation ability: five hundred-800(kg/h)

9-Motor EPT: 90(kw)



1-Motor EPT:one.1kw

two-The width of belt: 400mm

3-Velocity: 30m/min


Magnet separator

Goal: individual the metal tiny block from the rubber powder.

one-Motor EPT: 1.1kw

two-The width of belt: 400mm

three-Velocity: 30m/min

4-Magnetic roll: 2 sets (Everlasting magnetic)


magnet srparator

1-Motor EPT: one.1kw

two-The width of belt: 400mm

3-Speed: 30m/min

4-Magnetic roll: 1 established (Long lasting magnetic)


Shaking display

separate the rubber granule and powder, Resend the granule to crusher, and ship powder to Magnet separator via modest conveyor belt.

individual quotCOARSE FIBER quotfrom rubber powder

1-Working width: 1000mm

two-Motor EPT: 7.5kw


Shaking display

The EPT is mainly use to different the distinct measurement of rubber powder in the identical time, Not enough dimensions will resend to rubber crusher by large conveyor, For next crushing.

one-Doing work width: 1500mm

2-Motor EPT: 3kw

4- Ultimate Item, TYRE POWEPT Employs:

5-10 mesh: runway, the faculty playground, XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.den trails, bowling alleys, sidewalks, composite rubber ground tile, anti-static floor tiles, synthetic lawns, playgrounds, synthetic turf soccer pitches, sports venues and EPTrtainment marketplaces kinderXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.10 tennis and basketball courts.

10-twenty mesh: rubber tiles, plastic-rubber runway, lawn quartz sand grain leather-based cottonseed meal, tennis courts, volleyball courts, golfing courses, aircraft, stadium, basketball courts and recreation fields, EPDM security mats, fitness center mats, all types of stadium ground mattress.

thirty mesh: plastic insulation substance, water-proof components, earthquake, gaskets, roof and wall waterproofing membrane, modified biHangZhou additives, reclaimed rubber, livestock, straw, fender, multi-function pad, stables pad.

sixty mesh: sleepers, rubber sheet, watertight membrane, reclaimed rubber, tire mats, automobile body at the stop of sealing, water-proof ring, rubber, miscellaneous elements and replace the original creation of raw rubber rubber items.

Rubber Powder Line Waste Tire Recycling Line Machine

Rubber Powder Line Waste Tire Recycling Line Machine