High Quality of Precipitated Caclcium Carbonate for Madagascar Kenya Tanzania Bangladesh Markets

High Quality of Precipitated Caclcium Carbonate for Madagascar Kenya Tanzania Bangladesh Markets

We are proffessional exporter and provider of Calcium carbonate lpar Hefty solLight sol PVC sol Superfine active rpar commaIf you need to have these components please make contact with me excl

Underneath Data for heavy Calcium carbonate colon

Requirements of CaCO3

Weighty Calcium Carbonate is broadly utilised as filler and improver time period

Complex knowledge for reference colon lparZCC 902 rpar

Model ZCC902
Take a look at Item Index
StXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd Conformable with HG solT 3249 period1~3249 period4-2013
CaCO3 W sol percnt ninety seven
Whiteness 94 period5
D97 sol mum 24 period5
Oil absorption lparlinseed oil rpar lparg sol100g rpar 26
one zero five ordmC unstable sol percnt period18
Weighty metallic lparPb rpar W sol percnt le period003
appearance white powder
Mesh size 600
EPT amp Loading Qty 25kgs solbag lpar27tons sol20ft rpar

Specification of ZCC905 and ZCC 918 for reference colon

Model ZCC918 ZCC905
Examination Product INDEX
stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd Conformable with HG solT 3249 period1-3249 period4-2008
CaCo3 W sol percnt ninety seven period00 ninety seven period00
whiteness 95 period20 ninety four period70
D97 sol mum 15 period00 eighteen period50
Oil absorption lparlinseed oil rpar lparg sol100g rpar 28 period50 28 period00
105 ordmCvolatile sol percnt period20 period18
Large metallic lparPb rpar W sol percnt le0 period003
appearance white powder white powder
Mesh dimensions four hundred sol800 sol1000 sol1250 sol1500
EPT amp loading qty 25kgs solbag lpar27tons sol20 aposfcl rpar

Characteristics colon
Calcium carbonate can be utilized in plastic commarubber commapaper and paint EPT commaIt has the characters of reduced price tag comma high purity commadifficult to have chemical response commagood heat resistance commalow oil absorption and nontoXiHu (West Lake) Dis.c period of time
lpar can be employing in Detergent market commaSoap business comma Foam Industry commaetc comma as a filler and preserve the price rpar semi

Calcium carbonate is broadly used in plastics market comma PVC pipe and cable creating comma papermaking and coating and paint and ink comma adhesive comma toothpaste comma high-grade ceramic tile comma artifical marble comma leather-based comma food comma drugs and comestics EPT

Application colon

1 colon In rubber business colon calcium carbonate was the earliest filler employed in the rubber industry commait can enlarge the capacity in the rubber items commafor preserving the price commaIt aslo boosts the tensile strength commaabrasion and tearing strength interval

two colonIn plastic business colon as the framework in plastic goods lparpvc pipes commafittings commapanels commacolor grasp batch rpar commakeeping balance of the items commastrengthen the items commakeeping floor easily commasince the calcium carbonate is higher white commait can area the high-priced the white polyethylene commafor whitening the plastic items time period

3 colonIn coating sector colon calcium carbonate can be employed as white pigment commaup a frame purpose commacalcium carbonate in the coating industry can be utilized as inert pigment commaDue to the calcium carbonate colour is white commain coating relative latex commasolvent costs are low-cost commaand good grain commacan in coating evenly dispersed commaso is a whole lot of use of inert pigment commaCalcium carbonate filling can increase primer to fundamental level floor sedimentary and permeability time period

4 colonIn paper generating colon whitening the paper commaand as the filler comma can reducing the pulp commafor preserving the expense period

Below Technical specs for LIgEPT kind Calcium carbonate colon

Check Merchandise Index Check Consequence
StXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd GB solT9281-2003
Calcium carbonate lparCaCO3 rpar percnt geq 98 98 period7
PH worth 9 period0-ten period0 10 period0
Volatile beneath one hundred and five degC percnt le period40 period30
Particle measurement um lparaverage rpar three period0-five period0 3 period0-5 period0
Insoluble matter in hydrochloric acid percnt le period10 period01
Sedimentation quantity ml solg geq two period80 two period90
Fe material percnt le period08 period001
Mn content material comma le period005 period001
Residue 125 mum Test sieve percnt le period005 period001
Residue forty five mum Take a look at sieve percnt le period30 period03
Whiteness percnt geq ninety period0 ninety six period70
Moisure content percnt le
Outcome Excellent course

Chemical identify colon Precipitated calcium carbonate solLigEPT calcium carbonate

Molecular formulation colon CaCo3

Properties colon white powder commatasteless and odorless commanon-toXiHu (West Lake) Dis.c commalight commaair secure commaslightly hygroscopic interval

Makes use of colon Precipitated calcium carbonate is the most well-liked inorganic pigment commais commonly employed in rubber comma paper comma plastic commaadhesive commapaint comma ink commadaily necessities commadrugs and feed period

EPT coloncomposite plastic woven bag comma25kgs solbag

Speak to revenue colon Ms EPT

mob colon plus86~thirteen 0571 88828 138581177780 2232 1652

lparemail deal with as previously mentioned display photo have my Electronic mail and can make contact with me if you have any inquiry of our products commathank you rpar

High Quality of Precipitated Caclcium Carbonate for Madagascar Kenya Tanzania Bangladesh Markets

High Quality of Precipitated Caclcium Carbonate for Madagascar Kenya Tanzania Bangladesh Markets