Coarse Aluminum Hydroxide Dry Powder for Glass Industry

Coarse Aluminum Hydroxide Dry Powder for Glass Industry

Coarse Aluminum HydroXiHu (West Lake) Dry PowEPTFor Glass Sector

one.Specialized Index

Item Title Aluminum HydroXiHu (West Lake)
Synonym Alumina Trihydrate / ATH
Subject matter AH-1 AH-5 AH-eight AH-10H AH-10L AH-15 AH-25
AL(OH)3 % ge99.5 ge99.5 ge99.five ge99.five ge99.five ge99.five ge99.five
SiO2 % le0.03 le0.03 le0.02 le0.03 le0.03 le0.05 le0.03
FetwoOthree % le0.02 le0.03 le0.02 le0.02 le0.03 le0.03 le0.03
Na2O % le0.35 le0.40 le0.forty le0.40 le0.40 le0.40 le0.35
L.O.I % 34.five plusmn0.5 34.five plusmn0.five 34.five plusmn0.5 34.5 plusmn0.5 34.five plusmn0.5 34.five plusmn0.5 34.five plusmn0.five
Moisture % le0.thirty le0.thirty le0.thirty le0.thirty le0.35 le0.35 le0.30
Particle Measurement D50 ( mum) one.five ~ 2 four ~ six seven ~ nine 10 ~ 12 10 ~ thirteen thirteen ~ seventeen 23 ~ 27
Whiteness % ge96 ge96 ge95 ge95 90~92 ge89 ninety four~ninety six
Oil Absorption (ml/100g) le40 le40 le35 le35 le35 le32 le30
Solution Type Precipitated Good ATH (Precipitated Supply) Good Ground ATH (Mined Supply)

Remarks: activated modification in accordance to buyer specifications!

two.Synonyms of Aluminium HydroXiHu (West Lake)

Hydrate Alumina Alumina Trihydrate
Aluminium Trihydrate Aluminum HydroXiHu (West Lake)


ATH is a crucial ingredient in the composite materials referred to as sound surfacing (or artificial stone or synthetic marble/onyx). Sound surfacing that is extensively utilised for kitchen area, rest room and laboratory counter tops advantages from the addition of ATH as it assists with most of the houses necessary for this materials.

Inside of polymer components ATH is utilized in purposes this kind of as glass strengthened plastic (GRP), rubber carpet backing, laEPT fleXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ble foams, thermoplastics, thermosets and elastomers.

ATH is compatible with a extensive assortment of polymer varieties and supplies the last merchandise with fire retardancy and smoke suppression. If the ATH stuffed polymer is uncovered to a hearth it will reduce additional combustion and flame distribute.

ATH is utilized in coatings for hearth retardancy and due to the fact of its higher whiteness.

Within adhesives and sealants ATH offers flame retardancy and smoke suppression.

4.Package, transportation and storage

Package: interior plastic with knitted exterior coated with movie, with the web weigEPT of 25kg.
Transportation: the item is not unsafe products, which need to be secured from moist, rainfall and package hurt in transportation.
Storage: at dry warehouse with excellent ventilation.

Coarse Aluminum Hydroxide Dry Powder for Glass Industry

Coarse Aluminum Hydroxide Dry Powder for Glass Industry